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The GCGC conference series, which facilitates this best-in-class discussion forum, is an ECGI initiative supported by twelve universities (Harvard, Oxford, Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, Stockholm University, Imperial College London, Columbia, Yale, Peking, Seoul, Stanford)

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Latest Presentations

The Rise of Anti-Activist Poison Pills

Presenter: Ofer Eldar | Discussant: Adriana Robertson

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The Global ESG Stewardship Ecosystem

Presenter: Jennifer Hill | Discussant: Dan W. Puchniak

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The Economics of Legal Uncertainty

Presenter: David Schoenherr | Discussant: Geeyoung Min

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Common Ownership Directors

Presenter: Yaron Nili | Discussant: Elizabeth Pollman

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Corporate Governance and Firm Value

Presenter: Emiliano Catan | Discussant: Pedro Matos

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